Terms and Conditions for Live Apple Support

This particular sentence helps in describing the security related policies for the Apple support browser. Every client or the users are asked to have a look at the website at regular interval so to be updated with the latest terms, policies and any other important benefits. These regular changes are done by the firm or organization without any prior notice or information. Our techies start their work with the commitment for holding strong the privacy related information of the customers. The user’s personal information is used only for guiding them and providing them the benefits and satisfied services. All the approaches made to the online tech support using any of the communication means shall be recorded for the user’s security purpose. While making payment transactions, the experts usually ask for certain details. We allow the users with full freedom of process carrying by providing personalized details or even can drop the call at any point while conversation. For going along with the process of registration, one must be sure about the fact that they need to provide all the details asked by the techies.

The techies and professionals of our organization usually don’t make any random calls to the users. All the users are benefited with the fact that they can reach out our techies at any point of time as per their concern and availability. Our tech support experts are present round the year and even round the clock for guiding the users with the best and fast assistance whenever they are facing any kind of technical defaults related to Apple products(Macbook, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, iMAC, AppleTV and Apple Watch). For checking the authentication of existing user, the professionals asks for some personal details that basically includes name, contact number, reference number, email id and few other details. When going for the registration, one should be ready for giving the personal details that even comprise the details of their location and address.  These details are used for accessing certain support and services that basically includes like error solving, up grading new plan, expiry dates of the plans, renewal plans and other plans that are associated with the security threats.

It is for sure that our techies never ask for any information that is somehow associated with the credit cards and that too on call in the process of registration for getting Apple support guide. All the information related to the payments is directly typed by the users. The guide for the Apple support uses the gateway to the third party for few of the cases that is associated with the payment. We have a secure server for processing the process of payment for complete security. The ADV soft even cannot get to access the authority of the card number due to our high and strict security level.

Computer related information:

We mainly ask for the ground level information that is somehow associated with the customer’s system. The basic information mainly comprises of identification number, purchasing data, type of the system, attached software, date of registry, software installation, system’s conditions, hardware configuration and model of the specific system. The above described data is mainly asked for getting the best technical guidance and even ask for kicking up our services and support.

In any case, the guidance and assistance is not related to any law and even it is not responsible for anything associated with the law. We are never in for asking any details for payment like refunds and even we never ask for payments from type existing users and ever anyone comes across such type of faults can directly report us on our Live AppleTech Support toll free number +1-888-223-8982.


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